Burton, Lloyd

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(?1935-    ) South African author, who lived and worked in colonial Kenya in the 1950s and 1960s, various countries in the Middle East afterwards and since 1972 in Rhodesia; now back in South Africa. He started writing during his assignment in Kenya, but his first book, novel The Yellow Mountain (1978) was published while in Rhodesia. A typical propagandist adventure fiction in favour of the white settlers' cause in Rhodesia, it is set in Kenya, Northern Africa and Rhodesia and deals with a new top-secret Rhodesian defence Invention. This will allow the building of a fence along the Rhodesian border which will effectively stop the incursions of all supposed enemies into the country.

After a quarter of a century he self-published new books, which have some fantasy elements. [JO]

Lloyd Burton

born Cape Town, South Africa, ?1935



  • The Yellow Mountain (Salisbury, Rhodesia [now Harare, Zimbabwe]: Regal Publishers, 1978) [hb/Lloyd Burton]

works: non-sf

  • The Travel of Tuckmouse (no place given, South Africa: Crink Publications, no date) [novel: hb/]
  • Enchanted Kingdoms (no place given, South Africa: Crink Publications, no date) [coll: hb/]


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