Byers, Edward A

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(1939-1989) US author who began to publish work of genre interest with "Painway" in Analog for April 1979; none of his stories have been collected. His two novels are both Hard SF Space Operas with an emphasis on wide-screen action. In The Long Forgetting (1985), an Alien civilization imposes a light-years-wide Amnesia- generating quarantine on Homo sapiens, generating in time a hard-earned fightback. The eponymous Stargate in The Babylon Gate (1989) is transformed by its owners into a Weapon whose use could cripple human civilizations across the stars. Byers was not an innovative writer, but his genuine competence raised expectations over his short active career; his death was premature. [JC]

Edward Adams Byers

born Mansfield, Ohio: 22 September 1939

died 22 September 1989



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