Calvet, Emile

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(?   -?   ) French author of whom little or nothing is known, and who according to Brian Stableford in his introduction to Dans Mille Ans (1883 Musée des Familles; 1884; trans Stableford as In a Thousand Years 2013), may be pseudonymous. His text is a Utopia based on the argument that advances in science and Technology are necessary for – and in fact engineer – social and moral progress. Specific (and remarkably detailed) advances in the uses of power through electricity, and in Transportation, are viewed with wonder by the tale's protagonists, who believe they have awoken a thousand years into the future from Suspended Animation (see Sleeper Awakes). [JC]

Emile Calvet




  • Dans Mille Ans (Paris: Librairie Ch Delagrave, 1884) [first appeared 1883 Musée des Familles: illus/hb/]


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