Cannan, Gilbert

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(1884-1955) UK translator, poet and author whose career was truncated by insanity. His first novel, Peter Homunculus (1909), is a hyperventilated tale of sexual and cultural entrapment, not fantastic. Of his subsequent wide-spread output before he was institutionalized in 1924, Windmills: A Book of Fables (coll of linked stories 1915) is of sf interest, its four long tales all dealing with the inconsistently allegorical Fatland: in two of them, a floating Island halts a foolish war between Fatland and Fatterland, to Satirical effect; a third, "Gynecologia", set in the future, satirizes the absurd sexual mores (see Sex) of Fatland in Dystopian terms. [JC]

Gilbert Eric Cannan

born Manchester, England: 25 June 1884

died Virginia Water, Surrey: 30 June 1955

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