Cárdenas, Juan

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(1978-    ) Colombian translator, editor and author, active from around 2005; he is primarily of sf interest for his third novel, Ornamento (2015; trans Lizzie Davis as Ornamental 2020), which is built around what happens to four separate women subject to an experimental study using a highly addictive Drug that affects women only. The doctor responsible becomes deeply involved with one of the experimental studies, who herself channels visions of a desperate Dystopian future to the obsessed observer. Typical of Cárdenas's work in general, Magic Realist seem primarily applied in order to evoke, perhaps rather didactically, "discourses" of race and empire (see Imperialism; Race in SF; "women in sf"). [JC]

Juan Sebastián Cárdenas

born Popoyán, Colombia: 1978


works (highly selected)

  • Ornamento (2015) [binding unknown/]
    • Ornamental (Minneapolis, Minnesota: Coffee House, 2020) [trans by Lizzie Davis of the above: pb/]
  • Elástico de sombra ["Elastic Shade"] (Mexico City, Mexico: Editorial Sexto Piso, 2020) [coll of linked stories: pb/Pedro Figari]


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