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(?   -?   ) UK author of whom nothing is known beyond his authorship of two sf novels. In The Secret of the Sphinx (1923), explorers discover a Utopian city hidden in the middle of the Sahara Desert; unusually, this is not a lost world, as the culture and Inventions that drive the city are of modern origin. The Vampires of the Andes (1925) is, on the other hand, a genuine Lost Worlds tale, set in an Underground city called Aztlán in the land of Muchacaraps under the Matto Gross of Brazil, where descendants of sunk Atlantis, who possess an elixir of life, have survived in secret. The white protagonist has penetrated their redoubt, because of his love for a maiden necessary to their rites, and is forced into a series of Godgame trials, at the end of which, now made Immortal through immersion in the Force within the earth that causes Evolution, he is told by the seven great gods of the world, who have been mistaken for vampires, that Homo sapiens must give up its killing Weapons and murderous ways, or perish. They then return to their slumber. [JC]

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