Carlton, Clark Thomas

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(?   -    ) US singer/songwriter, playwright, screenwriter and author who is of sf interest for the Antasy sequence of Science Fantasy novels beginning with Prophets of the Ghost Ants (2011; rev 2017), set in a Far Future Planetary-Romance version of Earth called Dranveria, where homo sapiens has suffered Devolution to the size of contemporary ants, which have in turn become gigantic. The protagonist, marked by pheromones as a lowly worker in an ant-nest-like coercive Keep, is chosen as one of a migrating queen's companions. After a Fantastic Voyage, he founds a kingdom, surrounded by enemies he successfully fends off; especially in the second volume, various forms of Religious salvation are disputed, none of them given much credence. [JC]

Clark Thomas Carlton

born Gainesville, Florida.





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