Caro, Dennis R

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(1944-    ) US author who began publishing sf with "Cantaloupes and Kangaroos" in Clarion III (anth 1973) edited by Robin Scott Wilson. His first sf novel, The Man in the Darksuit: A Futuristic Mystery (1980), depicts with concise and surrealistic hilarity a mean-streets urban future and a mystery concerning the owner of the eponymous Invisibility-conferring outfit. Devine War (1986), a Space Opera set mostly on a colony planet, even more complicatedly spends considerable energy on interstellar Politics and on a malevolent AI called Heathcliffe, as the eponymous female agent tries to bring her husband's killer to justice. Caro is an author who does not deserve obscurity, though the edgy, foregrounded cleverness of his work may have fatally limited his success. [JC]

Dennis R Caro

born 1944




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