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Pseudonym of French author André Carpouzis (1924-2009) who is perhaps best known for his Madame Atomo sequence, beginning with La Sinistre Mme Atomo (1964) and Mme Atomo Sème la Terreur (1965), both trans Brian Stableford in The Terror of Madame Atomo (omni 2010) [for details see Checklist below]; Atomo is a Japanese Mad Scientist whose desire for revenge against America – specifically for the use of nuclear weapons to destroy Hiroshima and Nagasaki – leads to her creation of a series of Monsters, including Zombies and Mutant spiders, to attack her enemy (see Horror in SF). Though constantly thwarted, she remains relentless. A 24-issue French Comics version was issued, beginning in 1968. [JC]

André Caroff

born Paris: March 1924

died 13 March 2009

works (highly selected)


Madame Atomo


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