Carrigan, Richard A

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(1932-    ) US physicist, for many years involved in various serious positions with the Fermi National Accelerator Laboratory (Fermilab), and a prolific author of papers and books in his field; he was later Guest Scientist in the Accelerator Division at Fermilab. With his wife, the artist Nancy Carrigan (1933-2014), he is the author of an sf novel, The Siren Stars (March-May 1970 Analog; 1971), in which the first intelligent messages from another star present a dire challenge. Rather ponderously, a clean-cut team of Earth Scientists deals with the problem. The book-length sequel is "Minotaur in a Mushroom Maze" (May-July 1976 Analog). [JC]

see also: Cybernetics; SETI.

Richard Alfred Carrigan Jr

born Miami, Florida: 17 February 1932




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