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(1920-2005) US editor and author, who worked as editor with various Pulp-magazine publishers (mainly Popular Publications) and for Argosy from the May 1955 issue for some years. He wrote nonfiction under his own name, and fiction under various pseudonyms and/or House Names, including Carson Bingham, Mary Anne Drew, C K Fong, Annie Laurie McMurdie and Con Steffanson. His four sf novels are Ties: Gorgo (1960) as by Carson Bingham; Flash Gordon 4: The Time Trap of Ming XIII (1974) as by Con Steffanson; Flash Gordon 5: The Witch Queen of Mongo (1974) as by Bingham; and Flash Gordon: The War of the Cybernauts (1975) as by Bingham. The first, based on the film Gorgo (1961), is notable for the added Sex scenes, a custom of the publisher Monarch's film adaptations (see Dean Owen). As Mary Anne Drew he published a Gothic novel, The Diabolist (1975), and as C K Fong a kung-fu thriller, The Year of the Cock (1975). Additional titles include Nightmare Hall (1973) as by Annie Laurie McMurdie, and Queen of the Looking Glass (1978) as by Annie Laurie McAllister. Under his own name, he adapted for the US market Dieter Wuckel's Science Fiction: eine illustrierte literaturgeschichte (1986; trans Jenny Vowles as The Illustrated History of Science Fiction 1989). His Modern Mystery, Fantasy, and Science Fiction Writers (anth 1993), a compilation of critical responses to 88 authors, was not very thorough. [PN/JC/DRL]

see also: Flash Gordon.

Bruce Bingham Cassiday

born Los Angeles, California: 25 January 1920

died Stamford, Connecticut: 12 January 2005

works (selected)


Flash Gordon

Kung Fu

individual titles

  • Gorgo (Derby, Connecticut: Monarch Books, 1960) as by Carson Bingham [tie to the film: Gorgo: pb/]
  • The Diabolist (New York: Avon Books, 1975) as by Mary Anne Drew [pb/]



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