Chait, Gavin

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(1974-    ) South African chemist, economist and author, in UK from around 2008, whose sf novel Tartarus Falls (2015 ebook; vt Lament for the Fallen 2016) locates a seeming First Contact event in Near Future Nigeria, where the survivor of a crash from space turns out to be a human-like, possibly Immortal Mysterious Stranger who claims to have escaped from a Prison in space (see Crime and Punishment). He plans, with the help of the isolated villagers he has encountered, to destroy the prison and return to his Dystopian home planet to transform it for the better. Some analogies with District 9 (2009) directed by Neil Blomkamp are significantly modified by the tale's rural setting, and by the sophistication of its telling, with interpolated stories and adroit insertions of the visitor's own take on events. Our Memory Like Dust (2017) traverses much of the very Near Future planet, as economic migrants by the million are conned into believing that an increasingly unfriendly Europe will give them jobs, while multinational corporations focus on the ruthless control of energy. [JC]

Gavin Chait

born Cape Town, South Africa: 1974




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