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Pseudonym of UK author Margaret Simpson Chalmers (1939-    ), whose two sf novels for Robert Hale Limited are A Legend in his Own Deathtime (1978), set in a Far-Future City deeply sunk in Decadence, and Homo-Hetero (1980), portraying the dilemma of two lovers of opposite gender in a Dystopia where heterosexuality has been criminalized. Decades later Chalmers returned to sf publishing with the romantic Space Opera Loki (2014 ebook), announced as the opening volume of The Station Infinity Saga. [DRL]

Margaret Simpson Chalmers

born Glasgow, Scotland: 1 April 1939



  • A Legend in his Own Deathtime (London: Robert Hale, 1978) [hb/Katya Katrouboussis]
  • Homo-Hetero (London: Robert Hale, 1980) [hb/Dave Griffiths]
  • Loki (no place given: Shoula Books, 2014) [ebook: The Station Infinity Saga: na/Shep Kirkbride]


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