Cheap Truth

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US Fanzine (1983-1986) published from Austin, Texas; edited and largely written by Bruce Sterling under the pseudonym Vincent Omniaveritas. Eighteen issues photocopied on US quarto paper, mostly 2pp (ie a single sheet); three issues had an additional 2pp for letters received (twice) or a bonus article (once). All issues undated except #17, The Last Cheap Truth, with a dateline of November 1986.

Cheap Truth, affecting to be samizdat rather than a mere fanzine, was largely a vehicle for energetic polemics on the contemporary state of sf and fantasy – with best-of-year Anthologies and Military SF being specifically targeted – and promotion of Sterling's enthusiasms. These included the Cyberpunk movement, while faint damns were reserved for cyberpunk's perceived rivals the "Humanist" sf authors (among them Kim Stanley Robinson and Lucius Shepard). Contributors besides Sterling himself included Brian Aldiss, both anonymously and with a signed tribute to the late Theodore Sturgeon; Charles Platt (once) as the anagrammatic Seth L Lapcart; and Lew Shiner (regularly) as "Sue Denim". Transcripts of Cheap Truth have been hosted on various blogs and websites; the full run was compiled as The Complete Cheap Truth (coll 2019 ebook). [DRL]

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  • The Complete Cheap Truth (Reading, Berkshire: Ansible Editions, 2019) [coll: ebook: assembling all issues of Cheap Truth: edited by David Langford: na/nonpictorial]

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