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UK Fanzine (1971-1979) whose founding and principal editor was Peter Roberts (1950-    ). This Newszine for the UK sf fan community was launched as a replacement for the 1959-1971 Skyrack. A short-lived "first series" of Checkpoint had appeared in 1968-1969, comprising eight foolscap (13 x 8 in) issues devoted to fanzine reviews. The main newsletter sequence began with the trial issue #00 dated 6 April 1971 and continued to #100, September 1979, which includes an idiosyncratic subject index of the entire 1971-1979 run. Checkpoint was characterized by the relaxed, understated, sometimes whimsical humour with which Roberts presented news, gossip, Convention reports, and book and fanzine reviews. Format was UK quarto (10 x 8 in), stencil-duplicated, typically 4-8pp, occasionally as large as 14pp. Darroll Pardoe (1943-    ) took over the editorship from #47, April 1974, changing the format to a single sheet of offset-printed quarto folded to give 4pp. Ian Maule (1952-    ) became editor with #63, December 1975, restoring the full-size quarto duplicated format which Roberts retained when he resumed control at #74, September 1976. In 1979 Roberts decided that although a successor newsletter was required, the title should now cease: outstanding Checkpoint subscriptions were passed to David Langford, who continued the UK newszine tradition with Ansible. [DRL]


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