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Working name of New Zealand-born author Adam Christopher McGechan (1978-    ), in the UK from 2006, who began publishing work of genre interest with "The Devil in Chains, Part One" in Pantechnicon for September 2008, soon followed by "The Devil in Chains, Part Two" (March 2009 Pantechnicon). His first novel, Empire State (2012), is a noir thriller set in a retro Alternate World or Pocket Universe version of New York, the Amnesia of whose citizens comes from the fact that the whole of this alternate reality has been inadvertently created (see Philip K Dick; Virtual Reality) by battling Superheroes; the Empire State sequence continues in The Age Atomic (2013). The Burning Dark (2014), also noir in tone, is set aboard an obsolete space station whose claustrophobic chambers and passages seem haunted by some Alien presence; this novel opens the Spider War sequence. A further sequence has been initiated with The Ray Electromatic Mysteries, beginning with Brisk Money (23 July 2014; 2014 ebook), being noir crime thrillers set in an Alternate World California and featuring a lonely Robot private eye somewhat reminiscent of the robots found frequently in the work of Ron Goulart, though the style of the sequence deliberately and explicitly homages Raymond Chandler (1888-1959); the robot's name is in fact Raymond. [JC/DRL]

Adam Christopher McGechan

born Auckland, New Zealand: 2 February 1978




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