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US original anthology series, 1977-1983, ten volumes, edited by Roy Torgeson. The first seven were paperback originals from Zebra Books; the remaining three had hardcover first editions from Doubleday. They were Chrysalis 1 (anth 1977), #2 (anth 1978), #3 (anth 1978), #4 (anth 1979), #5 (anth 1979), #6 (anth 1980), #7 (anth 1980), #8 (anth 1980), #9 (anth 1981) and #10 (anth 1983). Torgeson's editorial policy was eclectic, perhaps too much so; he published sf, fantasy and horror by a mixture of new and established writers. The series title was intended to suggest something developing and changing and about to give birth to beauty. Although Chrysalis published a number of interesting stories, including four each by Orson Scott Card and Australian writer Leanne Frahm, it never developed a very strong personality, and it is perhaps surprising (though admirable) that it lasted as long as it did. [PN]

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