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(1892-1977) UK author, mostly of expert, reformist studies in the fields of nutrition and ageing; blinded in World War One; his surname is sometimes given as Le Gros Clark. His sf novel, Between Two Men: A Novel (1935), is set in an implied Near Future, focusing on a complex conflict between an embryologist and the doctor who murders the former's new-born child when he recognizes that it would grow up into a Superman and mark the demise of homo sapiens; after being found guilty of murder, the doctor is rescued by the Telepathic "freak" (see Apes as Human) whom he had rescued from a carnival. The complex focus on issues of Evolution, and Clark's clearly expressed meditative l'entre deux guerres pessimism, mark the work as a significant example of the Scientific Romance in its maturity. [JC]

Frederick Le Gros Clark

born Chislet, Kent: 3 September 1892

died Cambridge, Cambridgeshire: 22 September 1977


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