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(1980-    ) US author who began to publish work of genre interest with "Last Transmission or Man with a Robotic Ermine" in Text: Ur: The New Book of Masks (anth 2006) edited by Forrest Aguirre. In his first novel, Witz (2010), which is Equipoisal between Eschatological spoof and Pandemia Sublime, all the Jews in the world, with the exception of firstborn males, have died at the verge of the Millennium; the firstborn, absorbed into the coils of the American government's true owners (see Secret Masters), all soon die as well, except for the New York protagonist, who seems to be an enfant sauvage, having been born fully adult but formally ineducable (see Absurdist SF; Postmodernism and SF). Book of Numbers (2015), similarly gonzo and wit-led, is the biography of a "real" Internet guru named Joshua Cohen, as told somehow from within the digital world he controls by an entity, or man, named Joshua Cohen. The narrator is unreliable. [JC]

Joshua Aaron Cohen

born Somers Point, New Jersey: 6 September 1980



  • Witz (Normal, Illinois: Dalkey Archive Press, 2010) [illus/Nicholas Motte: pb/Danielle Dutton]
  • Book of Numbers (New York: Random House, 2015) [hb/]


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