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(1903-1984) US editor and publisher who edited the Avon Science Fiction and Fantasy Reader in 1953. He was publisher of Galaxy between December 1962 and June 1965, and of If between November 1962 and May 1965; he launched Worlds of Tomorrow in April 1963. In 1965 Cohen's Ultimate Publishing Co bought the magazines Amazing Stories and Fantastic from Ziff-Davis, after which he proceeded to cut production costs by switching from monthly to bimonthly publication and running large numbers of reprints. This policy led to conflict with the recently formed Science Fiction Writers of America. A number of reprint magazines were launched by Ultimate to exploit the Ziff-Davis rights backlist: Great Science Fiction (alias Science Fiction Greats, SF Greats), 1965-1971; The Most Thrilling Science Fiction Ever Told, 1966-1975; Science Fiction Classics, 1967-1975; Strange Fantasy, 1969-1970; the cheekily titled Astounding Stories Yearbook, 1970; Fantastic Adventures Yearbook 1970; Science Fantasy Yearbook, 1970-1971; Space Adventures (Classics) 1970-1971; and Sword & Sorcery Annual, 1975. Cohen sold his interest in Amazing to his partner Arthur Bernhard in 1978. [DRL]

Solomon Cohen

born New York: 4 August 1903

died New York: January 1984


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