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(1943-    ) US television scriptwriter, with more than 100 credits to his name, journalist and author. His sf sequence featuring Sten, a rebel who becomes a military hero in the defence of a Galactic Empire under threat, comprises Sten (1982), The Wolf Worlds (1984), Court of a Thousand Suns (1985), Fleet of the Damned (1988), Revenge of the Damned (1989), The Return of the Emperor (1990), Vortex (1993) and Empire's End (1993), all written with Chris Bunch. Early volumes proclaim some concern for the nature of the society defended; but the sequence soon concentrates on apolitical action, the more extreme moments usually centred on Sten's violent responses to any hint of betrayal. The Anteros sequence of fantasy tales, beginning with The Far Kingdoms (1993), was also written with Bunch, shortly before the team broke up suddenly, with apparent bad feeling; a final volume, The Warrior Returns (1997) was written by Cole solo. Also solo, he then wrote the Tales of the Timuras comprising When the Gods Slept (1997; vt Wizard of the Winds 1997), Wolves of the Gods (1998) and The Gods Awake (1999), all being assembled as The Complete Timuras (omni 2005); this too is fantasy. Lords of Terror (2006) with Nick Perumov, which may have appeared in total electronically, posits an eternal Cold War. [JC]

Allan George Cole

born Philadelphia, Pennsylvania: 19 November 1943






Tales of the Timuras

individual titles

  • Lords of Terror (Austin, Texas: Zumaya Publications, 2006) with Nick Perumov [Perumov (Russia: 21 November 1963) fantasy writer now in US: pb/]
  • The Hate Parallax (Rockville, Maryland: Wildside Press, 2011) with Nick Perumov [pb/]


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