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Working name for most of his fiction of Charles Morrison Colladay (1877-?   ), US author who is discussed in E F Bleiler's Science Fiction: The Gernsback Years (1998). "Spirit Trails" (January 1928 Ghost Stories) as Charles Colladay may be his first story. When the Moon Fell (1929 chap) illustrated by Frank R Paul, a Ruined Earth tale climaxing in the rising of a new continent from the Atlantic Ocean, where humans may survive. This story was published in Hugo Gernsback's Science Fiction Series. Colladay also wrote eight stories for Wonder Stories and Amazing Stories, contributed once to Ray Palmer's Amazing with a Scientific Mystery. [JC/MA]

Charles Morrison Colladay

born Sea Grove, New Jersey: 9 February 1877


[This author has also been given as Charles H Colladay (born Illinois: 3 July 1875; died Riverside, California: 15 March 1966), a different person. The above identification seems the likeliest.]


  • When the Moon Fell (New York: Stellar Publishing Corporation, 1929) [chap: in the publisher's Science Fiction Series: illus/Frank R Paul: pb/nonpictorial]


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