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(1930-1998) UK author, mostly of scripts for children's television series, including Code Name Icarus (1984), a very Near Future tale about the exploitation of gifted children which he novelized as Code Name Icarus (1984), and Knights of God (1987), which he novelized as Knights of God (1987); the story is set in the year 2020, in an England ruled by a narrow theocracy whose leader is named, significantly, Mordrin. In the event, a group of young protagonists manages to bring back the Royal Family from Under the Hill, where they have been sleeping; other echoes of the Arthurian Matter of Britain abound. [JC]

Richard Fairhurst Cooper

born Warrington, Cheshire: 5 April 1930

died Charente, France: 2 February 1998


  • Code Name Icarus (London: Hodder and Stoughton/Knight Books, 1984) [tie to author's own television serial: pb/]
  • Knights of God (London: Lions, 1987) [tie to author's own television serial: pb/]


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