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US Print Magazine of science fiction and fantasy, slightly larger than review size (9 x 6 in; 227 x 150 mm), published twice yearly (January and July), one of a number of similar low-paying magazines published by Sam's Dot Publishing, Cedar Rapids, Iowa, and aimed at younger readers. It began in January 2011, its first two issues edited by Karen L Newman. Newman's departure, however, meant that there was no issue #3 and instead it leapfrogged to #4 (July 2012), now edited by Tyree Campbell. The magazine was taken up by White Cat Publications in Livonia, Michigan, but this incarnation saw only one issue, January 2013, edited by J Alan Erwine, published as an Ebook only. It was resurrected again in 2020 by Tyree Campbell for Hiraeth Publishing, Cola, Iowa again in print form.

As its title suggests, the magazine contains crime stories which may be set in space, the future, or Virtual Reality. Contributors include Don D'Ammassa, Barton Paul Levenson, Daniel Pearlman and Charles M Saplak, amongst others, all with competent but rarely challenging fiction, although D'Ammassa's "Chronic Pain" (January 2011) is a surprisingly violent story for a Sam's Dot magazine. [MA]

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