Côté, Denis

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(1954-    ) Canadian author whose first two novels, marketed like their successors as juveniles, were Les Hockeyeurs cybernétiques (1983; trans lated by Jane Brierley as Shooting for the Stars 1990), a tale marked by a high degree of invention in its depiction of the adventures of the eponymous hockey player and a female journalist in Lost Ark, a Dystopia; further volumes in the Inactifs sequence include L'idole des inactifs ["A Star for the Idle Masses"] (1989), La Révolte des inactifs ["The Rebellion of the Idle Masses"] (1990) and Le Retour des inactifs ["The Return of the Idle Masses"] (1991). An early singleton, Les Parallèles célestes ["The Celestial Parallels"] (1983), also demonstrates considerable literary ambition and talent in its depiction of a First Contact experience. Some of his short stories are non-juvenile. [LP/JC]

Denis Côté

born Québec City, Québec: 1 January 1954


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