Crane, Nathalia

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(1913-1998) US poet, teacher and author, precociously active as a poet from childhood, beginning with the publication of her first collection, The Janitor's Boy and Other Poems (coll 1924 chap), which was much influenced by Emily Dickinson (1830-1886); Time magazine referred to her at this time as "The Baby Browning of Brooklyn". After publishing some further work she enjoyed a long career as an academic and political activist. Samuel R Delany mentions her in Atlantis: Model 1924 (1995).

Of sf interest are two novels: The Sunken Garden (1926), a Lost Race tale set in Africa, where the young female protagonist discovers a perfect lover and they, decorously, mate (see Adam and Eve); and An Alien from Heaven (1929), in which a baby born with wings inspires Scientists to debate whether or not the child is a throwback (see Devolution) or a visitation from the future. [JC]

Nathalia Clara Ruth Abarbanel Crane

born New York: 11 August 1913

died San Diego, California: 22 October 1998



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