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(1975-    ) Scottish author who began to publish work of genre interest with "The Echo of Silence" in New Voices in Science Fiction (anth 2003) edited by Mike Resnick, and who has since focused on Young Adult series. The Invisible Order sequence, comprising The Invisible Order, Book One: Rise of the Darklings (2010) and The Invisible Order: The Fire King (2011) is fantasy, set in nineteenth and eighteenth century London, the two eras connected by Timeslips, where a secret organization may or may not exist whose purpose it is to combat incursions from the otherworld (for Faerie see TheEncyclopedia of Fantasy under links below). Of more direct sf interest are The Lazarus Machine: A Tweed & Nightingale Adventure (2012) and The Osiris Curse: A Tweed & Nightingale Adventure (2013), the first volumes of a projected series set in an Alternate History London where the Difference Engine of Charles Babbage and Ada Lovelace, as sophisticated by Nikola Tesla, has created a Steampunk civilization, though one terrorized by automatons directed from within by human souls (see Mecha; Robots). But the true enemy (at this stage of the sequence) seems to be Professor Moriarty (see Sherlock Holmes), though with the murder of Tesla, the action moves to the Great Pyramid of Giza, inside which lurks a five-star luxury hotel and much else [for Edifice see The Encyclopedia of Fantasy under links below]. Another projected sequence begins with Poison City (2016), a noir supernatural thriller set in South Africa featuring Vampires and – not untypical of books set here – familiars, in this case a talking dog. [JC]

Paul Crilley

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