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(1859-1914) Scottish minister and author, who later added his middle name Rutherford; remembered primarily for a large number of novels set in the Scottish Lowlands, which established him as perhaps the least sentimental of the "Kailyard" novelists, though less well known than J M Barrie (1860-1937). Some of these tales have some supernatural elements; Mad Sir Uchtred of the Hills (1894) is a Gothic romance, and The Grey Man (1896) features a cannibal. Crockett is of some sf interest for The White Pope, Called "The Light Out of the Past" (1920; vt The Light Out of the East 1920), whose protagonist, reviled by his Church, applies precepts out of early Christianity to establish what seems to be a Near Future Utopia; the tale may have appeared anonymously years before the author's death, and is not easy to pin down as to the time in which it is set.

Sweetheart Travellers (coll 1895) and The Surprising Adventures of Sir Toady Lion, with those of General Napoleon Smith (1897) [for full titles see below] are children's books, with sprightly moments. [JC]

Samuel Crockett

born Balmaghie, Kirkcudbrightshire, Scotland: 24 September 1859

died Tarascon, near Avignon, France: 16 April 1914

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