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(?   -    ) UK author whose Dangerous Jade (2012) is set in an Equipoisal fantasy-themed City full of anthropomorphic Clones. Orbital Decay (2014 ebook) is a contribution to the publisher's Shared World Afterblight Chronicles series. He is also of sf interest for his contribution to the Extinction Biome sequence, the first volume of which, Invasion (2016) as by Addison Gunn, was written in collaboration with Anne Tibbets, who see for any continuations. The series is set in a moderately Near Future Earth afflicted by Climate Change; much of the action takes place Under the Sea. [JC]

Malcolm Cross





Extinction Biome

  • Invasion (Oxford, Oxfordshire: Rebellion Publishing/Abaddon Books, 2016) with Anne Tibbets, both writing as by Addison Gunn [Extinction Biome: pb/Edouard Groult]

individual titles

  • Dangerous Jade (Carrolltown, Texas: FurPlanet Productions, 2012) [novella: chap: pb/Meesh]
  • Orbital Decay (Oxford, Oxfordshire: Rebellion Publishing/Abaddon Books, 2014) [ebook: in the publisher's Afterblight Chronicles series: na/Sam Gretton]


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