Crosskey, N J

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(?   -    ) UK professional carer and author whose first novel, Poster Boy (2019), confronts its Young Adult cast with a very Near Future Dystopian UK, distinguished from the land of the time of its publication by the mandatory insertion of electronic chips in all citizens, and other typical manifestations of a right-wing surveillance state. The young begin to revolt. Overdrawn (2019) does not much vary in its depiction of the world surrounding the tale told, which in this cases focuses on the forced euthanasia of the old and sick at the hands of the Moving On Corporation (see Eugenics), which disposes of anyone not profitable in the frame of a privatized health service. [JC]

N J Crosskey




  • Poster Boy (London: Legend Press, 2019) [pb/Kari Brownlie]
  • Overdrawn (London: Legend Press, 2019) [pb/Kari Brownlie]


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