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(?   -    ) UK author whose sf series, The Schneider Wrack Chronicles, comprises two short novels plus a previously unpublished tale, all assembled as The Death and Life of Schneider Wrack (omni 2017). The protagonist, a criminal who has been executed and reanimated as a Zombie, finds himself indentured on a vast ship on the planet Ocean, where he is part of a crew hunting whale-like Monsters. Some engaging Xenobiological speculation sharpens the tale. 100 Best Video Games (That Never Existed) (graph coll 2017) describes a wide variety of nonexistent Videogames, sometimes spoofishly, sometimes with sharp Satirical intent. [JC]

Nate Crowley

born London




The Schneider Wrack Chronicles

  • The Sea Hates a Coward (Oxford, Oxfordshire: Rebellion Publishing/Abaddon Books, 2015) [ebook: Schneider Wrack Chronicles: na/Oz Osbourne]
  • Grand Amazon (Oxford, Oxfordshire: Rebellion Publishing/Abaddon Books, 2016) [ebook: Schneider Wrack Chronicles: na/Oz Osbourne]
    • The Death and Life of Schneider Wrack (Oxford, Oxfordshire: Rebellion Publishing/Abaddon Books, 2017) [omni of the above two plus "Fisheries and Justice": Schneider Wrack Chronicles: pb/Oz Osbourne]

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