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(?   -    ) Irish advertising copywriter and author of a Young Adult series, the Scott Tyler sequence comprising Shift (2012), Control (2013) and Delete (2014), set in an Alternate World version of London where Shifting – an apparent Psi Power – allows teenagers to alter the effects of past decisions, though under the strict control of a government agency known as ARES. As Shifters lose their ability after adolescence, the series unsurprisingly focuses on the young Superhero protagonist's coming-of-age dilemmas, under various threats. In the second volume, the protagonist's solitary ability to remember the Alternate Worlds he has created or dismissed carries the sequence into deeper, difficult waters. A singleton, Glaze (2014) is set in an ominously evolved and omnivorous Internet-controlled Media Landscape in Near Future London. [JC]

Kim Curran

born Dublin, Ireland.




Scott Tyler

  • Shift (London: Angry Robot/Strange Chemistry, 2012) [Scott Tyler: pb/Larry Rostant]
  • Control (London: Angry Robot/Strange Chemistry, 2013) [Scott Tyler: pb/Larry Rostant]
  • Delete (London: Angry Robot/Strange Chemistry, 2014) [Scott Tyler: pb/]

individual titles

  • Unearthed (London: Jurassic London, 2014) [hb/]
  • Glaze (London: Jurassic London, 2014) [hb/Regan Warner]


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