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(1837-1906) Canadian-born minister and author, who became a US citizen in 1901; his The No-Din: Romance, History and Science of Pre-Historic Races of America and Other Lands (1899) is Prehistoric SF. Somewhat confusedly, 8000 years after the birth of Adam, an Edenic continent in the South Pacific is destroyed by a Comet; the survivors of this Disaster flee far and wide in Airships – including the No-Din itself and eventually colonize "Amurica", "Atlantuz", "Ophur" and other territories. The rest of world history follows, as further adumbrated in The Prehistoric Races of America and Other Lands as Disclosed Through Indian Traditions (1903), first of a planned series of revelations that stopped with this volume. [JC]

Erastus Scott Curry

born Pembroke, Ontario: 9 August 1837

died Kettle Falls, Washington: 19 April 1906



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