Cyborg 2087

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Made-for-tv film (1966). Feature Film Corp. Directed by Franklin Adreon. Written by Arthur C Pierce. Cast includes Wendell Corey, Eduard Franz, Michael Rennie, Karen Steele and Warren Stevens. 86 minutes. Colour.

This film, which though made for television achieved theatrical release, has a renegade Cyborg (Rennie) from 2087 CE going back to 1966 to prevent a scientist (Franz) from creating a device that will later be used by a totalitarian government for a mind-control programme to which the cyborgs themselves are central. He is followed back in time by two government agents, both cyborgs, but he overcomes them and persuades the scientist to destroy his invention, though he knows that by doing so he will eliminate the possibility of his own existence. When the device is indeed destroyed, he disappears along with everybody's memories of his visit. The narrative has a better grasp of Time Paradoxes than usual for television, but the performances are weak. The plot bears a similarity to that of the much later film Terminator 2: Judgment Day (1991). [JB]


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