Dalos, György

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(1943-    ) Hungarian translator and author, who suffered the usual persecutions (he was expelled from the Communist Party in 1968 as a "dissident") before writing 1985: A Historical Report (Hongkong 2036) from the Hungarian of * * * (trans from manuscript by Stuart Hood and Estella Schmid 1983), a tale only appeared in Hungary, and in its original language, in 1990, after the collapse of Soviet rule. It is an extremely sprightly Satire on conditions in his native land, in the form of a sequel to George Orwell's Nineteen Eighty-Four (1949), recounting the death of Big Brother, an interval of thaw, and once again a clenching of the iron fist. [JC]

György Alfred Dalos

born Budapest, Hungary: 23 September 1943




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