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(1947-    ) US author who concentrated on fantasy and horror for the first part of his career, which began with Wilderness (1991), an effective werewolf novel; he began writing sf novels with the Circuit of Heaven sequence comprising Circuit of Heaven (1998) and End of Days (1999), set in a somewhat fantasticated, highly febrile Virtual Reality environment, dominated by an afterworld-like Bin which offers Immortality to the Uploads who have abandoned their flesh selves for its ambivalent care; rebels and spoilers activate the complexities of plotting Danvers clearly feels a fitting way to represent his Near Future worlds. Later novels share many of the characteristics of this opening duo: sophisticated takes on Cybernetics and Nanotechnology and AIs; dream-like plotting; and – most clearly in The Fourth World (2000), which is set in a Mexico dominated by multi-national corporations gorging on its victims – a left-wing take on the cruel complexities of twenty-first-century life across the planet. The Watch: Being the Unauthorized Sequel to Peter A Kropotkin's Memoirs of a Revolutionist (2002) modulates from this focus into Time Travel: a visitor from the Far Future inveigles the historical Peter A Kropotkin (1842-1921) into coming to reside in 1999 America, with results not perhaps made entirely coherent. The Bright Spot (2005), as by Robert Sydney, returns to Danvers's usual territory, though with a more elaborated Technothriller-style plot engine. [JC]

Dennis Howard Danvers

born New York: September 1947




Circuit of Heaven

  • Circuit of Heaven (New York: Avon Eos, 1998) [Circuit of Heaven: hb/Amy Halperin]
  • End of Days (New York: Avon Eos, 1999) [Circuit of Heaven: hb/Amy Halperin]

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