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Pseudonym of French author Armand Blocq (1870-1933), who initially came to prominence through his involvement with the journal Mercure de France, which he helped found in 1890, and which espoused the Symbolist movement in French poetry. The Anatomy of Love and Murder: Psychoanalytical Fantasies (coll trans Brian Stableford from various sources 2013) presents tales dating from 1891 to 1916, several of them assembled in Contes d'au-delà ["Tales from Beyond"] (coll 1892); most of them are contes cruels and weird tales in which the unconscious (see Psychology) extrudes exorbitantly into the world. [JC]

Armand Blocq

born Toul, France: 18 November 1870

died Paris: 4 September 1933



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