Darnton, John

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(1941-    ) US journalist and author, during whose career with the New York Times from 1966 until his retirement in 2005 he earned several prizes for his foreign affairs reporting, including a 1982 Pulitzer Prize. His first three novels are sf; in Neanderthal (1996), a Lost Race of Telepathic Neanderthals, bifurcated into peaceful and warlike segments, is discovered in far Tajikistan, deep in the Himalayas (see Evolution); The Experiment (1999) is a medical sf tale (see Medicine) with Technothriller elements, as Cloning experiments lead into life-extension conspiracies; and Mind Catcher (2002) focuses on two scientists and their increasingly fraught attempts to gain radical insights from a brain-damaged boy, including the capture and retention of the human soul. The Darwin Conspiracy (2005), a fiction based on the early life of Charles Darwin (1809-1882), is nonfantastic. [JC]

John T Darnton

born New York: 20 November 1941




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