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(1970-    ) US author, editor and publisher in many genres whose pseudonyms include David Cian and Christopher Tracy; he has edited a number of anthologies, most in collaboration with Martin H Greenberg. In his sf novel Touchless (2002) the protagonist, whose dead wife is in Cryonic storage, is offered the choice (reminiscent of an episode in A.I.: Artificial Intelligence [2001]) between having her restored for one day as a Virtual Reality Avatar, with no hope of further revival, or allowing her a chance of full physical healing in some perhaps distant future. Megawar (2005) as by David Cian centres on a 2038 invasion from Mars, with Earth defended by giant human-piloted Mecha. Davis was president of Science Fiction and Fantasy Writers of America from 2008-2010. [DRL]

Russell Davis

born Missouri: 1970


works (selected)

  • Cloak and Dagger (2001) with John Helfers [Tom Clancy's Net Force Explorers: pb/]
  • Touchless (Holicong, Pennsylvania: Wildside Press, 2002) [hb/]
  • Annihilation (New York: ibooks, 2003) as David Cian [tie: #2: Transformers: War Against the Keepers: pb/]
    • Transformers Trilogy (New York: Science Fiction Book Club, 2004) [anth/omni of the above plus #1 Hardwired (2003) and #3 Fusion (2004), both by Scott Ciencin: tie: Transformers: War Against the Keepers: hb/]
  • A Gathering of Shadows (New York: ibooks, 2003) [tie to The Twilight Zone: The Twilight Zone: pb/]
  • The Librarian: The Search for the Spear of Destiny (New York: ibooks, 2004) as by Christopher Tracy [tie to tv film The Librarian: Quest for the Spear (2004): pb/]
  • Megawar (New York: ibooks, 2005) as by David Cian [pb/John Harris]


works as editor


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