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(?   -    ) US author whose Young Adult Roan and Judge Gorey sequence beginning with Right of Capture (2016) is set in a Near Future world transmogrified – and our reality opened to other Dimensions – by a mysterious Power Source seemingly embedded, perhaps as a result of Genetic Engineering, into the persons of two antagonistic teenagers. An international corporation shows an inimical interest. A physicist who disdains the world is persuaded also to take an interest. The teenagers's squabbles threaten to destroy the world. The sequence may extend into further volumes. [JC]

Isadora Deese





Roan and Judge Gorey

  • Right of Capture (Claremont, California: Pelekinesis Press, 2016) [Roan and Judge Gorey: pb/]
  • Riven's Path (Claremont, California: Pelekinesis Press, 2018) [Roan and Judge Gorey: pb/]


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