DeMarce, Virginia

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(1940-    ) US historian specializing in early modern European history, who began to publish work of genre interest with "The Rudolstadt Colloquy" in Grantville Gazette for October 2003. This contribution to the Assiti Shards: 1632 Shared World was followed by many further short stories with the same Alternate-History background; DeMarce edited the related 1634: The Ram Rebellion (anth 2006) with series creator Eric Flint, this being an Original Anthology to which she made several contributions including the novel-length title story written in collaboration with Flint. Further full-length series tales include 1634: The Bavarian Crisis (2007), again with Flint. 1635: The Tangled Web (2009) is a solo novel in the same sequence. [DRL]

Virginia Easley DeMarce

born USA: 28 November 1940




Assiti Shards: 1632


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