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(?   -    ) US computer programmer and author, whose Near Future Archon Sequence, comprising Singularity (2004) and Dualism (2014), dramatizes the Jackson-Ryan Hypothesis that the 1908 Tunguska explosion in Siberia was caused by a microscopic Black Hole, which remains at the Earth's core and threatens the End of the World. The similarities to Greg Bear's The Forge of God (1987), in which a not dissimilar destruction from within is caused by Aliens, are lessened in the sequel, a Technothriller which features the protagonists of the first tale confronted by an AI threat. The sequence, which is clearly in progress, contains some hints of Secret Master activities. [JC]

Bill DeSmedt





Archon Sequence

  • Singularity (Seattle, Washington: Per Aspera Press, 2004) [Archon Sequence: hb/Karawynn Long]
  • Dualism (Seattle, Washington: Per Aspera Press, 2014) [Archon Sequence: hb/]


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