DeSoto, Rafael

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(1904-1992) Puerto Rican-born US artist, whose name was variously rendered as Raphael De Soto, Rafael M de Soto, and R de Soto; he may have produced a few pulp covers under the name Irene Endris. After the death of his father, DeSoto was sent to a Catholic seminary, but his obvious artistic talents directed him toward a career in art rather than the priesthood. In about 1923 he came to New York and spent some years getting what experience he could in various studios before, in 1930, signing up with Street & Smith as a Pulp illustrator. Most of his prodigious output was for western, thriller and adventure magazines, but he did some sf work and also introduced sf elements into some of his other work, notably the series of covers he did for The Spider. After the effective demise of the pulps he continued doing covers and interiors for men's adventure magazines and for the Slicks, as well as paperback covers. A few of these were for sf books, such as the first (1953) paperback reprint of Jerry Sohl's novel The Haploids (1952). In 1964 DeSoto retired from Illustration to teach art and concentrate on his own painting. [JGr]

Rafael Maria de Soto y Hernandez

born Aguadilla, Puerto Rico: 18 February 1904

died Long Island: December 24 1992


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