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Working name used by US author Diane Detzer de Reyna (1930-1992) for some of her sf, though she has also published much material as Adam Lukens, and some as Jorge de Reyna. She began publishing sf with "The Tomb" for Science Fiction Stories in November 1958, and soon released a number of novels, from The Sea People (1959) to Eevalu (1963), as Adam Lukens. These are varied in subject matter but are generally routine Space Opera. As Jorge de Reyna she published The Return of the Starships (1968), about an isolated City where a plan for the better life has turned into Dystopia. The Planet of Fear (1968) appeared as by Diane Detzer. [JC]

Diane Detzer de Reyna

born Ridgefield, Connecticut: 13 May 1930

died Ridgefield, Connecticut: 1992


as by Jorge de Reyna

as by Adam Lukens

as by Diane Detzer


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