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Working name of UK author and editor Kathleen Elsie Dick (1915-2001) – she edited The Windmill (1946-1948), a literary magazine, as by Edward Lane, and published anthologies as by Jeremy Scott – whose novel, They: A Sequence of Unease (1977), resembles thematically and in its experimental structure much of her previous fiction, but is set in a Near-Future England where freedom of travel is restricted and cultural activities are actively persecuted. Constructed as a set of linked stories that mirror one another, They relates Entropy and the youth-culture as enemies of creative values (and middle-class individualism); in relating these levels of meaning, Dick sets up a very moving, though abstract, model of humanistic response to a straitened future. Pierrot (1960) is a nonfiction study of its title theme [for Commedia dell'Arte see The Encyclopedia of Fantasy under links below]. [JC]

Kathleen Elsie Dick

born London: 29 July 1915

died Brighton, Sussex: 19 October 2001



  • Pierrot (London: Hutchinson, 1960) [nonfiction: hb/from Pablo Picasso]

works as editor


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