Dickinson, Robert

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(1962-    ) UK author whose first novel, The Noise of Strangers (2010), is Dystopia set in a very Near Future Britain dense with justified paranoia; the immediate setting is Brighton, where four couples maintain an increasingly precarious "ordinary" life in a Keep-like enclave; beyond is chaos and termination. The Schism (2013) infiltrates almost to the borders of Fantastika, but its depiction of deranged astrology does not ultimately trespass. But The Tourist (2016) is of strong sf interest, featuring a time traveller (see Time Travel) from a future world whose cities have become receptacles for humans, who live accorded to their numeration; once backwards in contemporary Britain, he finds the world to be indecipherable (at first) but absorbing. [JC]

Robert Dickinson

born London: 1962




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