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(1935-2019) UK scriptwriter, editor, and author, best known for his involvement in various capacities over many years with Doctor Who (see this entry for more details). His career as scriptwriter for this BBC television series began in the late 1960s with rewrite work on episodes 3-6 of Brian Hayles's season-six storyline The Seeds of Death (25 January-1 March 1969), later in the season he was jointly credited with Malcolm Hulke for the ten-part The War Games (19 April-21 June 1969). Dicks was Doctor Who script editor – occasionally uncredited – from 1968 to 1974. He also wrote a large number of Doctor Who Ties, beginning with Doctor Who and the Auton Invasion (1974) and publishing more than 50 novelizations over the next several years; after a period during which he published few further volumes, he began writing Doctor Who Ties seriously again with Doctor Who: The Eight Doctors (1997). His involvement with Doctor Who has been both extensive and intense over the decades, and the Checklist below will not adequately reflect his full contribution as one of the central creators of the tone of the series. In 2015 he received the Grandmaster Scribe Award for career achievement in media Ties.

Dicks also published several non-tied series, those of sf interest being the Star Quest Space Opera sequence beginning with Spacejack! (1978), and the Changing Universe series of Alternate History tales, comprising SS World (1998), in which the young protagonists are shifted by "transmat" into a Hitler Wins England run by Nazis; Eco Crash (1999), set in a world dominated by an Ecological disaster; and The Mars Project (2000), set in a universe where Mars has long been colonized. [JC]

Terrance William Dicks

born London: 13 April 1935

died London: 29 August 2019


tied series

Doctor Who

Variant titles consisting of a change from the formulation "Doctor Who and" to the formulation "Doctor Who –" are not registered below; nor are omnibuses, which often include work by different authors, nor reworkings of material for younger readers, nor "nonfiction" set in this universe.

Doctor Who: The New Adventures

Doctor Who: Bernice Summerfield

Doctor Who: Sarah Jane Adventures


non-tied series (selected)

Star Quest

  • Spacejack! (London: W H Allen/Longbow, 1978) [Star Quest: hb/Jeff Cummins]
  • Star Quest: Roboworld (London: W H Allen/Longbow, 1979) [Star Quest: hb/Jeff Cummins]
  • Star Quest: Terrorsaur! (London: W H Allen/Longbow, 1983) [Star Quest: hb/Bill Donohue]
    • Star Quest (Maidenhead, Berkshire: Big Finish, 2003) [omni of the above three: Star Quest: hb/]

Changing Universe

  • SS World (London: Piccadilly, 1998) [Changing Universe: hb/]
  • Eco Crash (London: Piccadilly, 1999) [Changing Universe: hb/]
  • The Mars Project (London: Piccadilly, 2000) [Changing Universe: hb/]

non-tied singletons


works as editor


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