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(1965-    ) US academic associated with Newman University, Wichita, Kansas, and poet whose first collection, Krypton Nights: Poems (coll 2002 chap), established a continuing pattern in which sets of poems are grouped around particular figures or themes, in this case the Superhero Superman. Universal Monsters (coll 2007 chap) contains a more general assemblage of dramatic monologues, focusing on a variety of Monsters; Love Craft (coll 2010 chap) homages H P Lovecraft; Prime Directive (2011 chap) is a single extended meditation on a family tragedy framed by and irradiating a contemplation of Star Trek; and The Monstrance (coll 2012 chap) is a series of thirty-seven short narrative poems set in the world of James Whale's Frankenstein (1931), told from the point of view of various characters in the film (see also Frankenstein Monster; Golem). One collection, The Assumption (coll of linked poems 2011), eschews this pattern, presenting instead a closely linked sequence of sonnets whose focus on Cosmology is articulated through the viewpoints of exemplar character-types: the Engineer, the Skeptic, the Astronomer, and so forth.

Dietrich's knowledge of popular genres is deep and loving; his poetry is witty, formally ingenious, conservative with edge, a concinnous marriage of love and lore.

In 2014 he became President of the Science Fiction Poetry Association, which is responsible for the Rhysling Award, which he has never won. [JC]

Bryan D Dietrich

born Oklahoma City, Oklahoma: 30 December 1965



  • Krypton Nights: Poems (Lincoln, Nebraska: Zoo Press, 2002) [coll: chap: pb/Shelly Fraley]
  • Universal Monsters (WordTech Communications, 2007) [coll: chap: pb/]
  • Love Craft (Cincinnati, Ohio: Finishing Line Press, 2010) [coll: chap: pb/]
  • Prime Directive (Miami, Manitoba: Needfire Poetry, 2011) [chap: pb/Heather Boyce-Broddle]
  • The Monstrance (Miami, Manitoba: Needfire Poetry, 2012) [coll: chap: pb/Bryan D Dietrich]
  • The Assumption (Seattle, Washington: WordFarm, 2011) [coll: chap: pb/Andrew Craft/iStockphoto]

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