DiMarco, Jennifer

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(1973-    ) US publisher and author, usually on Gender issues, who is best known for the Patriarchy sequence, beginning with Escape to the Wind (1993), set in a Post-Holocaust Seattle run by an anti-female junta. Other work includes at least two novels, Immortality (1999) and Dragon Storm (2000). Her publishing firm, Pride & Imprints, claims to release books under at least five imprints: all her books are published, under one imprint or another, by her firm; it has not always been possible to determine which imprint has been used in some instances. [JC]

Jennifer DiMarco

born Seattle, Washington: 1973





individual titles

  • Immortality (Port Orchard, Washington: Windstorm Creative, 1999) [pb/]
  • Dragon Storm (Port Orchard, Washington: Windstorm Creative, 2000) [pb/]


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