Dixon, Franklin W

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Perhaps the most famous House Name of the Stratemeyer Syndicate (see Edward T Stratemeyer), used by Leslie McFarlane for his contributions to the Hardy Boys sequence and by Harriet Stratemeyer Adams and others; rare items of genre interest in this series include The Disappearing Floor (1940) by John Button (whom see), The Firebird Rocket (1978) and The Hardy Boys: Ghost Stories (coll 1984). Two other early titles of possible interest are from the Ted Scott Flying Stories sequence: Castaways of the Stratosphere; Or, Hunting the Vanished Balloonists (1935) and Hunting the Sky Spies; Or, Testing the Invisible Plane (1941). The short Hardy Boys and Tom Swift Ultra Thriller sequence beginning with Hardy Boys and Tom Swift Ultra Thriller: Time Bomb (1992) imprudently attempts to capitalize on the two featured series; these books are written for slightly younger children. [JC]

see also: Jim Lawrence.

"Franklin W Dixon"

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Ted Scott Flying Stories

Hardy Boys

Hardy Boys and Tom Swift Ultra Thriller


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