Dixon, Franklin W

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Perhaps the most famous House Name of the Stratemeyer Syndicate (see Edward Stratemeyer), used by Leslie McFarlane for his contributions to the Hardy Boys sequence and by Harriet Stratemeyer Adams and others; rare items of genre interest in this series include The Disappearing Floor (1940) by John Button (whom see), The Firebird Rocket (1978) and The Hardy Boys: Ghost Stories (coll 1984). Two other early titles of possible interest are from the Ted Scott Flying Stories sequence: Castaways of the Stratosphere; Or, Hunting the Vanished Balloonists (1935) and Hunting the Sky Spies; Or, Testing the Invisible Plane (1941). The short Hardy Boys and Tom Swift Ultra Thriller sequence beginning with Hardy Boys and Tom Swift Ultra Thriller: Time Bomb (1992) imprudently attempts to capitalize on the two featured series; these books are written for slightly younger children. [JC]

see also: Jim Lawrence.

"Franklin W Dixon"

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Ted Scott Flying Stories

Hardy Boys

Hardy Boys and Tom Swift Ultra Thriller


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